What is AceTrac?

AceTrac is a program designed to simplify the complex employment process for students, institutions and corporates. It is a scientifically designed assessment program that acts as an information deck and provides assistance to students, institutions and corporates in their pursuits. The assessment based employability enhancement program will evaluate the attributes, inner potentials and provide developmental inputs to students and increase their employability. The program aims at creating talent pools in institutions and provide the same to the corporates. AceTrac aims at creating a network of employable aspirants, institutions with talent and corporates with opportunities.


The corporate environments today are dynamic and ever changing....


An assortment of skills makes a person employable. While...


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AceTrac conducts multiple assessments for students to help them identify their strengths and improvement areas and enhance their personality which makes them employable as per the corporate hiring standards.
AceTrac simplifies the headhunting process of the companies by giving them information about the availability of job-ready candidates. It also eases the training efforts by providing the most employable candidates.
AceTrac help institutions discern the strengths and improvement areas of their students and design an academic program that eliminates the loop holes. It helps them create a job-ready community within their campus.

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WHY AceTrac ?


AceTrac for Students

AceTrac helps identify your strengths and improvement areas, while helping you develop your personality which is a vital criterion for employers for hiring. With AceTrac you can benchmark your performance against industry hiring standards and increases your employability and makes you job-ready.

AceTrac for Institutions

AceTrac helps you know your students career readiness on various employability parameters that are set by the corporates as well as compare the employability quotient amidst other institutions across the country. AceTrac helps you generates insights about the talent pool available within the campus and provides consolidated reports that helps analyse the areas that require interventions.

AceTrac for Corporate

AceTrac provides credible information regarding availability of qualified candidates across the country and helps you connect with the job-ready community in the shortest time possible. With AceTrac you can recruit a performance enabled workforce and reduce training costs and the overall hiring effort.

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MeritTrac is India’s largest pure play assessment company in the private sector and has over 17 years of experience in this field. MeritTrac provides innovative assessments to leading educational institutions, government organizations and corporate entities. MeritTrac with its repository of scientifically designed assessments has built associations with 400 corporations that have led to the selection of job-ready candidates. MeritTrac has delivered over 40 million assessments and lakhs of graduates have found their jobs through MeritTrac assessment. MeritTrac has a long-standing reputation for offering services that exhibit superior quality, reliability, agility and transparency, time after time.

AceTrac, the Employability platform by MeritTrac, aims at providing assessment solutions to students, institutions and corporates and uphold the standards set by MeritTrac.