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Corporate hiring trends have changed dramatically in the past few years. The leading corporations in India hire approximately 3 lakh graduates every year. Today, Companies look beyond academics and want individuals who are pro-active and dynamic in nature. They are constantly looking out for candidates who can prove to them that they are job-ready.
The rapid shift in the corporate hiring trend has led to various stumbling blocks in the employment process for the students, institutions as well as the corporates.

The AceTrac program is specially designed to address the issues in the employment process and ease the hiring process.

AceTrac’s employability program helps students become more employable through scientifically designed formative assessments, which primarily concentrate on improving and enhancing Cognitive abilities, Communication Skills and Personality.
AceTrac helps institutions keep a tab on the talent pool that is available on their campus, identify the strengths of their students as well as the improvement areas.
AceTrac helps corporates identify the talent pool available with institutions and provide job-ready candidates for the hiring process that further helps simply the process and also reduce their effort in training the candidates.

Corporates want Job Ready Candidates at the Entry Level

Hiring managers are having trouble finding employees with the right employability skills

How AceTrac Will Benefit You?



AceTrac helps create a resourceful network that connects employable candidates to recruiters thus enabling institutions to create a talent pool and simplifying the talent acquisition process for corporates.


Helps increase productivity

AceTrac through their employability assessment program provides candidates who become assets to the firms and increases the overall productivity of the firms.


Helping one be the right fit

AceTrac helps increase the employability of students by giving the right guidance to match their skills and potentials to the industry standards.

Creation of talent pool

AceTrac helps institutions assess their students and employ developmental programs to improve the quality of talent available as well as help build careers.


Screening made easier

AceTrac helps corporates ease the screening processes by providing employable candidates who are well-equipped with skills to take up various job roles.


Creating value

AceTrac helps creates value for students, institutions and corporates by providing credible and effective solutions to all assessment needs.


What People Say

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"Great certification highly recommend to everyone"

Sonia D’Souza

"It has given me knowledge about strengths and weakness and great confidence for career progression"


"I could easily my interest areas and prepare myself for the career of my choice. Taking up AceTrac from Semester 2 gave me enough time to prepare on my gaps I needed to address. I recommend AceTrac to anyone who wishes to improve themselves"

Mohd. Riaz

“I feel that by doing this certification I have a stronger CV and it will help me to get a good job. The test reports were detailed and easy to read and understand. I could collaborate with my friends to train and improve aspects in communication like vocabulary and pronunciation. Now I am confident to attend the recruitment test and interview.”

Priyanka Prakash

"Success has always been my main goal in life and in order to fulfill this goal I knew It was essential for me understand my true potential and abilities. AceTrac helped me in doing so and also made me ready for the Job."

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Whether it’s increasing your employability, creating a resource pool or finding the right talent, AceTrac is a one stop solution for all.