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AceTrac helps you identify, organize and sharpen your skills, primarily focusing on cognitive skills, communication skills and personality development that the employers often look out for.

The AceTrac assessment program helps you improve your cognitive skills such as problem solving, decision-making and number dexterity that helps you be dynamic and pro-active. AceTrac helps you map competencies that are necessary to perform well in an organization.
The assessment process strengthens your communication that includes speaking, writing and listening skills that will help you articulate and ideate your thoughts in an effective manner. Communication is the most important tool required to carry out the day-to-day organizational activities efficiently.
Assessment of your interests and personality is one of the most important aspects of the process. Career interests are the activities that hold your attention and boost your enthusiasm. It is important to choose an apt career path that matches your personality in order to execute well. Knowing your personality type is vital to make this decision.


AceTrac, our scientifically designed employability enhancement program will prepare you to achieve your dream of getting into your desired company. We aim at helping you enhance your job readiness, thereby giving you a cutting edge over others to climb the ladder of corporate success.

The diagnostic assessment is the first step and is administered at the beginning of the first year and the output at this stage would be the diagnostic report. This assessment will help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement. This report will also compare your current abilities with the industry standards set by corporates. Along with this you would also undergo an interest map tests that highlights your areas of interests and future career recommendations. An interest map will be generated to give an insight of your standing.
The next step, a review assessment is conducted 12 to 18 months after the diagnostic assessment. During this stage, your progress from the diagnostic assessment stage would be measures and highlighted. The current status of your employability will be compared against industry norms and recommendations for improvement, if any, would be provided.
The employability assessment is the final step and it would be administered 2 to 4 months before the commencement of campus recruitment season. This intervention will highlight your strengths and areas of improvement. Along with this a personality assessment will be conducted and a reliable employability report will be provided to the corporates as a certification of your job readiness.
The employability enhancement program will evaluate the attributes and inner potentials, provide developmental inputs and employability skills over a course of time. The progress of the candidates is recorded in a detailed manner to provide insights about their strengths and areas of improvements.
This assessment program aims at equipping the candidates with competencies that are most required at the workplace. The core competencies are an integral part of the diagnostic, review and employability assessments that are employed in the program.
As a result of the continuous assessments conducted the candidates can develop an understanding of their self, their interests, personality and strengths. This insight gives the candidates a cutting edge over others and helps them make informed choices about their career.

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How can AceTrac help

Enhances employability and improves the CV

Identify strengths,
weaknesses and interests

Benchmark employability
against industry standards

Offer personalised
recommendations for improvement

Adds credibility to the CV

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