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In today’s knowledge economy, the most crucial differentiator for any business is its workforce. While all other business resources are replicable, what really sets apart a high performing organization is its human capital.

The traditional recruitment strategy translated into a function of staffing which has now transitioned into an intricate concept of Talent Acquisition. We’re currently experiencing a talent acquisition metamorphosis across the globe and talent has become the primordial asset that enables the success of any corporation.

The dearth of extraordinary talent is obvious to all businesses regardless of industry, size, geography, or financial position. In today’s environment, corporations need to recruit, develop, and retain extraordinary talent to remain competitive.

The most crucial component of talent acquisition is talent recognition and assessment. It is increasingly essential for corporates to know the sources and availability of talent that is most suitable to their organizations. It is also vital to know the variety of talent that is available.

What acetrac can do for you?

AceTrac has an extensive test suite designed to provide solutions for all corporate hiring assessment needs. AceTrac helps organisations locate talent pools across the country and provide job-ready candidates that will simplify the hiring procedure and ease training effort.

The following areas of assessments are used for measuring the skills and employability of the candidates:

  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality and Behavioural Assessments

How it is done?

A series of continuous assessments such as diagnostic assessments, review assessments and employability assessments are conducted during the course of their academics.

The diagnostic assessment, reveals their strengths and areas of improvement while mapping their interests according to their competencies which will increase their efficiency in the workplace.

The review assessment will further assess their improvement and benchmark their skills against the industry requirements.

The final employability assessment provides a clear picture to the candidate about his strengths, areas of improvement, interests and personality. Reliable employability reports are made for every candidate and this helps locate the availability of talent across the country.

Hand pick the best talent for your organisation with AceTrac.

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Whether it’s increasing your employability, creating a resource pool or finding the right talent, AceTrac is a one stop solution for all.