Better your students’ career with AceTrac.


Every university and college is constantly working towards fetching adequate opportunities for their students. In the recent times, the placement of students in good companies has reduced considerably as many corporate houses keenly focus on and look out for great set of employability skills in candidates along with academic knowledge acquired by them throughout their course.

While academic curriculum contributes to the cause of infusing knowledge, corporates would like your students to possess other employability skills as well. Here’s why investing on improving employability of graduates’ plays a prominent role.

Why AceTrac?

AceTrac, a scientifically mapped out employability assessment program fundamentally aims at improving the employability of your students by deriving actionable insight about the talent pool. This insight allows you to prepare the students in a better way with the aid of our tailored training programs, regular review of progress and constant monitoring.

What AceTrac can do for your Institution?

Our employability program includes three assessments spread across the duration of the course.
They include:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Review assessment
  • Employability assessment

How it will help your Institution?

The program is designed to acquaint students with their strengths, interests, personality and areas of improvement by persistently working on their evaluation. By comparing the students’ assessment reports against the benchmark of industry standards. It reveals the gap that needs to be covered by the students to be a job-ready graduate.

Accelerate With AceTrac!

Whether it’s increasing your employability, creating a resource pool or finding the right talent, AceTrac is a one stop solution for all.